• Advanced DDoS protection
  • Crystal sound quality
  • Advanced management panel
  • Free addresses in the domain
  • Free bot and website
  • Instant activation
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Teamspeak allows communication between multiple users of a given server. It is distinguished by the possibility of creating an individual server with the division into channels, groups and levels of permissions of people using the server. In teamspeak, you can also communicate texts (messages on server, channel, or private), and send and download files placed on channels.
The current licensing system specifies three types of licenses: Free Server License, Gamer License, Commercial License, detailed information about the license can be obtained at

The Gamer License license price list is available at
The current version of the Teamspeak client for a specific operating system can be downloaded from the website

Modern, fast, easy and trouble-free communication is irreplaceable and desirable in every area of ​​science, education, business, entertainment and traditional conversations.
Contact with friends during the game, language learning, training, contact with clients, conferences, information and files exchange, regardless of the location and time of conversations, all this and more offers Teamspeak communicator.

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  • Professional management panel
  • Easy to use - also for beginners
  • Free addresses in the domain
  • Free website for TS3 server
  • Free query bot
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Why TeamSpeak

Comprehensive communication at the highest level.

The best voice quality

Enjoy excellent call quality and no delay thanks to automatic microphone volume control and noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Privacy protection

The solution was designed with privacy in mind - no one has access to voice call data or chat chat content, and registration is not required.

A unique sound

Let yourself be carried away by the game with positional sound. Thanks to the 360º sound landscape, you'll hear all the team members and gain an advantage over the rivals.

Full scalability

The advanced client-server architecture allows you to handle both small group conversations and large conferences with thousands of participants.

For ...


  • Perfect for games
  • Fast communication
  • Works 24/7


  • Different groups, classes, teaching
  • Sharing files
  • Defining access to a given channel


  • Conferences
  • Training
  • Contact with clients


  • Concerts
  • Interviews


  • Mobility
  • File exchange


  • Traditional conversations
  • Internet communities